Now on INDIEGOGO Campaign

Thanks for all your support, 52 SPEAKER is successfully 350% funded on KICKSTARTER. It has been an amazing 45 day journey! And now, you can pre-order 52 SPEAKER on 52 SPEAKER INDIEGOGO campaign page.


Ready for Mass Production

After trial and error, 52 SPEAKER has finalized the manufacturing process. We have improved the design and performance while keeping the original concept of the product. In the winter of 2017, ahead of mass production, makemake visited the factory in Dongguan for final inspection, where the speakers are manufactured.


Mission : Blissful 52 Weekends

Making a bike speaker, we realized the irreplaceable pleasures of doing what we love and started thinking of a brand through which we can continuously introduce outdoor gear products. We want this brand to allow people to have blissful 52 weekends every year, so we named it 52.


Trial and Error

I made a company named ‘makemake' and started a journey of making a speaker for bicycle riders. The members of makemake and I were able to get the first prototype in hand after one year, but the result was not satisfying enough. In order to enhance the sound and design quality, we had to start all over from scratch.


Bike Speaker that I’d Love to Use

In the summer of 2015, I was exhausted from a long bike ride to Chuncheon. I started playing music on my mobile phone, then surprisingly felt a surge of energy from the music. As soon as I returned from the journey, I looked for a bike speaker that I could use for my long rides but could not find one. The speakers on the market were too large, too heavy, or uncomfortable to attach to a bike. So I decided to make a bike speaker that I myself would love to use.


Beauty of Riding

Life felt meaningless for my 26-year-old self after having been discharged from military duties. So I packed my bags and left for Pohang from Seoul on an MTB bike. Sitting on the saddle and stepping on the pedal, traveling for miles and miles, I was able to fall into deep thought without any interruptions. That was the moment when I understood the beauty of riding.